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Layerz Method Stick Mix Layerz Method Stick Mix Layerz Method Stick Mix Layerz Method Stick Mix

Layerz Mix

Method and Stick

Layerz mix is a dual purpose mix that has all the same characteristics of either Kelp & Spirulina or Totally Bloodworm, all the ingredients that are in the boilies recipe and the dissolving outer coating have been formulated to create a mix that will enhance the Layerz boilies and deliver all the attraction that they leak off.

By adding different amounts of liquid to the mix, you will determine which way the mix will work, for a superb Stick mix just add either a small amount of water or an amount of Enhancer Dip, just enough to hold the mix together if you squeeze it together in your hand where as if a method mix is required add more water or a combination of dip and water and work into a working sticky mix that will mould around a commercial style feeder and hold together around the feeder while its being cast out.

Kelp and Spirulina

Packed full of the same ingredients used in the Layerz Kelp and Spirulina boilies. A great way to get added attraction into your swim by either making groundbait balls or pushing into a stick mix threaded onto the hook link.

Try using the Layerz mix as a method mix and fish with a Kelp & Spirulina hook bait with a cork ball to create a snow man rig, pre-soak the cork balls in the Kelp & Spirulina Enhancer dip to give extra loaded attraction from the dual hookbait. Kelp and Spirulina will provide mineral and associated attraction through your swim as the mix breakdown, a true feed inducing bait.

Totally Bloodworm

Having a dual mix with so much bloodworm present has just become a reality, Bloodworm Layerz mix can be used as a traditional groundbait for loose feeding or moulded around a method feeder, keep the mix a little drier and press into a stick PVA system to make great stick mixes.

When you have threaded a stick onto the hooklink try dipping the whole hook and stick system into the pot of dip to add extra attraction and carp pulling qualities. Once dissolved the Bloodworm mix will flood the swim with all the attributes of bloodworm.

Layerz Method and Stick Mixes

Mix with Enhancer

You can mix extra attraction into your Layerz mix by using the enhancer dip, and not just water.

Layerz Method and Stick Mixes

Layerz Method & Stick Mixes

Available in Totally Bloodworm or Kelp & Spirulina, either will make a successful stick mix, method mix, groundbait balls and filling for solid PVA bags. You can mix the Layerz mix with either water, Enhancer Layerz dip, spod mix juice or any other liquid you feel like using. A great favourite with the Starbaits team is either coca cola or cream soda, both add high levels of Aspartame and other sugar based sweetners.

Layerz Method and Stick Mixes

Layerz Method Mix

Work into a sticky mix to mould around a commercial style feeder.

Layerz Stick Mix

Keep the mix a little drier and press into a stick PVA system to make great stick mixes.

Top Layerz Tip

whether you are using Layerz mix either as a stick mix or as a method, check both in the margin of the lake to see how long the mix will breakdown or dissolve.