efftex 2013 Winner - Best new soft/dough bait
Layerz Enhancer Layerz Enhancer Layerz Enhancer Layerz Enhancer

Layerz Enhancers

The Liquid Layerz

All the Layerz Enhancers have been developed to add extra attraction to either the boilie’s or the hook baits. Each Dip is packed full of the same ingredients you will find in both the boilie and in the outer coatings. All the dips have had the water removed so it can be used either within PVA or have PVA dipped into it. As an added attractive bait add Enhancer dips to the method mix to create the perfect method ball, try mixing both Enhancer dips into the method to create a very powerful attraction.

Kelp and Spirulina

When you first open a pot of Kelp and Spirulina dip you can’t help but smell the salty odour, it’s almost like being by a pure kelp seaweed bed, that heady sea salt smell, if you breath enough smell into your nostrils you can physically taste the salty taste on your tongue.

Try pre-soaking your hook baits or boilie’s in the dip several days before to help enhance the attraction of the baits, maybe place your hair rigged hook bait in a solid bag with a few spoon full’s of dip to create that special area of salty kelp attraction. Remember the Spirulina within the baits and the dip will drive big carp crazy, Spirulina being a fungus compliments the Kelp so well and creates a dip packed full of Salt, minerals and other carp friendly attractors.

Totally Bloodworm

Inside every pot of Totally Bloodworm there are thousands of little bloodworms all oozing their attraction into the dip. After you shake the bottle even the cap will not escape a few stragglers stuck to it, there’s so many inside, the rich red colour and spicy scent will drive passing fish wild, even into a frenzy trying to locate the source.

Add some crushed boilie to a solid PVA bag and pour the dip in as well, don’t be shy, give it some serious copious amounts, you can’t over do this stuff, it’s just pure attraction in a dip. Pour it into method mixes or even plain ground baits, it will improve everything it goes in. If you want to fish for bream and Tench try mixing the dip into the Layerz method mix and create a very strong attractive paste that fish will find hard to resist, even place this paste over pop ups and other baits to give off a serious attractive cloud.

If used as a dip try and watch the bloodworm float and jump about in the water column, the attraction will flow through the water pulling everything to your hook bait. Try adding extra power to your spod mixes with the Bloodworm dip, makes a great addition to zig rig spod mixes.

Layerz Enhancers

1ltr and 200ml pots

Layerz Enhancer dips offer good value for money with either 200ml pots or cash saving 1 litre bottles. Remember these dips are all PVA friendly and must be vigorously shaken or even stirred.

Layerz Enhancers

Both Enhancer dips are packed full of fish attracting particles with hidden minerals, amino’s and salts plus much more.

layerz PVA Friendly

PVA Friendly

All enhancer dips have PVA friendly benefits, either use within solid bags or as a dip for PVA mesh or boilie stringers.