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Layerz Boilies

Dual Layered Nutritional boilies

Simply put, a Layerz boilie is a highly nutritional boilie loaded heavily with ingredients that the name suggests, Totally Bloodworm or kelp and Spirulina that has an outer coating made directly from the same main ingredient that will breakdown over a few minutes leaving the highly nutritional boilie sitting in a bed of pure attraction.

Kelp and Spirulina

With the Kelp and Spirulina bait the outer coating will breakdown over a few minutes creating a small amount of particle bait constantly moving in the swim, those anglers who like to spod around there hook baits will see the benefits of these boilie’s as a spodded effect can be created extremely accurately around the boilie’s with just a catapult or throwing stick, watch the video to see the rapid breakdown of the outer Layerz leaving a perfect hard boilie resting within the fed area, imagine the pencil as a carp or big fish moving over the bait and the dissolved layerz wafting up enticingly.

After the outer Layerz coating has dissolved the boilie will sit on the bottom leaching off further attraction but will stay hard for several days like a normal boilie, these boilie’s can be used as feed boilie’s or hook baits as you choose.

Use Kelp and Spirulina boilies like you would any boilie, they work very well in PVA solid bags or on a stringer, they can be broken up in bags and added to method mixes, they will work in a throwing stick but will deflect in the air if punched to hard due to the rough coating catching the wind.

Totally Bloodworm

At last a bait that will leach off pure bloodworm attraction around your boilie. Unlike the Kelp and Spiulina boilie the Totally Bloodworm boilie does not leave a small amount of particle around the boilie when it has dissolved although if you do your own glass test you will see a reddish brown cloud effect appear around the boilies, you will also see that the bloodworm boilie develops a tiny change in appearance as if little casts or broken worm bodies start to appear.

The outer layer is pure mashed bloodworm, the reddish brown cloud is the juice of the bloodworm (the attraction) coming out of the coating, the little casts are bits of chopped up bloodworm suspended in the outer coating.

This reddish brown vapour cloud is the all-important attraction for the fish, complex minerals and amino acids will all be floating around your baited area pulling passing fish into the zone looking for their favourite feed, BLOODWORM. The Totally Bloodworm Layerz boilie takes a little longer to dissolve its outer coating as it is made from a finer ingredient and a smoother paste unlike the kelp coating that is so pourace it dissolves very fast.

Feed Totally Bloodworm as a loose feed or as a hookbait, they work wonderfully if broken in a solid PVA bag and they grind up well in a boilie crusher. A very versatile boilie giving off a very strong natural attraction never seen in a boilie before, Once the outer layer has dissolved the boilie will sit feeding out bloodworm attraction for several days.

Layerz Boilies

After dissolving

The boilie has a very high nutritional and mineral content gained from the intense volume of bloodworm or kelp and Spirulina blended into the boilie, without the outer coating these boilies have a nutritional quality much higher than most boilies available today making them great fish catcher’s in their own right.

Layerz Boilie bags

Totally Bloodworm and Kelp and Spirulina

Available in both 14mm and 18mm boilie’s, guaranteed to feed added feed inducing stimulation into your swim.

Kelp and Spirulina

Watch this REAL TIME short video of how fast the outer particle layer breaks down and imagine the pencil as a fish wafting their fins in the baited area.

Totally Bloodworm

In this REAL TIME video you will see that the intense bloodworm coating takes a little longer to dissolve but within a minute you can see the attraction spreading around the bait, imagine the pencil as fish swimming around the baits and see the attraction lift up.

Look further through this detailed website at the other Layerz products designed to enhance the system and create the most versatile baiting system seen to date.